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Jason has been taking piano lessons from Craig Brown for 2.5 years and has improved immensely in his knowledge of music theory, scales and chords, allowing him to play much more complicated musical pieces.

Jason has definitely improved a lot more quickly under Craig's teaching than in his first three years of piano lessons. I would recommend Craig to anyone looking for a piano teacher for themselves or their child.

Craig is also very flexible and understanding if you need to adjust your lesson days/times due to a schedule conflict. It is very helpful if you or your children are involved in many extracurricular activites.

Nancy Green

I began taking piano lessons from Craig Brown in January, 2008. I had been interested in taking up piano ago for quite some time and finally was able to make the commitment. Very quickly after my first lesson, I purchased a new piano and began my new endeavor. It has been one of the best choices I've ever made for myself.

With Craig's experience and background, I have not only learned to play the piano in a relatively short amount of time, I have also learned a lot about the theory of music composition. In the past year, I have learned all the major scales, 192 chords, chordal sequencing, some of the minor scales and have learned to play several songs.

Craig's method of teaching has been extremely effective for me. He is patient and explains the lesson in a way that is clear and easy to understand. I have consistently learned something new at every lesson. I would highly recommend choosing Craig Brown as a piano instructor.

Virginia - 48

Craig has been my piano teacher for several years now. I learned to play piano as a child, but never learned music theory. Craig is an excellent music teacher, and he is helping me round out my music education with scales, chords, and key signatures. He is patient and understands that I typically don't have as much time to practice as a child would!

I'm also the parent of a cellist and can also say that Craig is an excellent accompanist. When my daughter decided she also wanted to take piano lessons, Craig used what she already knew about music and helped her transfer this learning from the cello to the piano.


We had just moved into Albuquerque in July 2008. I was waiting for the right piano teacher when I heard about Craig Brown through a new home school friend. She explained how Mr. Brown had developed his own method of teaching piano to move students along more rapidly in their progress. She assured me that my boys would be playing "all over the piano" within three months.

After the first lesson one of my boys informed me that he had learned more at this one lesson than he had learned in the entire last year of piano. Now as we have passed that three-month mark I am pleased to see my boys not only enjoying and excelling in their own skills, but also teaching their younger brothers some beginning piano skills.

And by the way, I am thoroughly enjoying the beautiful music (including some of Craig's own originals) that they are playing "all over the piano."

Mrs. Deborah Jaquish

I highly recommend Craig Brown as a piano teacher and an accompanist. About once a month over the last two years, my daughter, Christina, has performed a Suzuki Violin School Volume Four, Five, or Six solo at Robertson's Violin Shop and Craig has accompanied her each time. When coordinating rehearsals for these concerts, Craig has always been exceptionally responsive and flexible.

During Christina's sessions with Craig, he has always been encouraging and helpful. He often suggests techniques to improve the tempo and dynamic range of the piece. In addition, he has made constructive recommendations for making the pieces more interesting and enjoyable for her and her audiences. Craig's kind and respectful approach makes it easy for Christina to openly receive the suggestions and encourages her to work hard to incorporate these changes into her performances.

Christina has always looked forward to practices and performances with Craig. He is the kind of teacher who allows her to play the piece all the way through and then says, "Great job! Could we play through this spot again?" He is quick to play her part on the piano so she knows to which part he is referring and is patient while she figures out where she can start that section of the piece. His words are always positive and his manner is kind, gentle, and patient. I have also observed how Craig gently helps students through awkward moments in a performance with subtle coaching or his sense of humor.

Whether you are looking for a piano teacher or accompanist, I wholeheartedly recommend Craig Brown so that you too may enjoy the benefits of his experience and gracious style.

Nicole S. Andrews

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